Vacuum Forming Plastic

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Vacuum Forming Plastic

Vacuum Forming Plastic | Harvest Packaging : Shelbyville, TN

Any loose object that you sell, for example, chess pieces or bottles of aftershave, can better be presented at the point of sale with a plastic vacuum formed display. In fact, any product package display and box can be rendered with our vacuum forming plastic product and you should consider it for your product. It doesn't matter whether the object is a toy or a tool, vacuum plastic forms hold it in place as it goes from producer to consumer.

Our vacuum forming insert customers tend to look for point of sale uses such as store displays or trade-show displays designed to give prospective customers access to the product. The plastic vacuum forms give a member or an entire collection the semblance of order and make an attractive display.

Other customers use Harvest's plastic vacuum forms for presentations, either as a gift or as an award. The plastic insert inside a box holds the award or attractive gift in place so it can be shared in a small, personal display. In most cases, Harvest's plastic vacuum forms also allow the safe transportation of the item. It sits secure in one of our rigid boxes. Plastic vacuum forms hold awards in individual boxes for the purposes of display and storage.

Use the plastic vacuum form to hold gifts for anybody at your workplace. It's a nice touch with promotional products and business awards. When you give a mechanical pencil away in a plastic vacuum form, it elevates the product to something special.

Our die cut paper inserts function in a similar fashion to hold items like candles, candies and fragrances in place and create an appealing display inside the box. Check out our die cut options too. They're very attractive.