Telescoping Boxes

If you're looking for the best material and custom printing in boxes, check out Harvest.

Telescoping Boxes

Telescoping Boxes | Harvest Packaging : Shelbyville, TN

Our telescopic boxes offer many advantages. If you want to pack your product for ease of handling, you should consider telescoping and rigid set up boxes from Harvest. They provide more security for your product and are easier to stack in transportation vehicles or warehouses than other packing processes. We can add reinforced linings or inserts to stabilize your product, and we can print artwork on the outside of the box if you so desire.

If you want a box custom designed for your product, Harvest will be more than happy to work out the dimensions of your particular box needs. With food products, Harvest can maximize the storage life with the right box design. With our boxes, you can transport heavy products.

Our boxes are available in different sizes and shapes and can be designed with the customer in mind.

We have a number of factors in mind when we create a box:

1. Does it hold the product at the right capacity?
2. Is it a durable box?
3. Does it fit the dimensions of the product?
4. Does it make the product easy to move?

Because our boxes are strong and stand up to tough wear, you can use them to store products and move them with great confidence. Our boxes do general duty work as well. They can be used as moving boxes that accepts everything but the kitchen sinks. You can use Harvest boxes for file storage, shipping moves and long-term storage.