If you're looking for the best material and custom printing in boxes, check out Harvest.


Packaging | Harvest Packaging : Shelbyville, TN

Commercial Boxes

Our commercial customers seek boxes that are both functional and appealing, such as custom candy boxes and specialized food boxes. The real elegance of a rigid setup box is perfect for many products. We provide boxes for candles and pens, games and puzzles and entertainment and music. Well designed, appealing boxes, whether 4 oz, 6 oz or 8 oz, emphasize product qualities and draw interest to the product.

Institutional Boxes

At times, you want reliable boxing for your institutional products. Whether it's hospital supplies, diagnostic equipment or surgical equipment, we supply model health supply boxes and dental model boxes. Whether it's medical lab equipment or exam room supplies, our boxes are designed to fit perfectly and protect the product all the way to the user's door.

Business Professional Boxes

If you're looking for a boxing product that will help achieve a positive outcome for your business, think of Harvest. Professional artists can custom design their own stationary and greeting card boxes. Our attractive stationary boxes hold a ream of paper. Plastic card companies make good use of the card boxes we supply them with. Do you need a beautiful box to present employees with a gift or a book? We suggest our retail and gift boxes. Regardless of your box needs, we will provide a full estimate and a schedule.